We're using the latest iPrint client and ndps nlm's on Netware 6.5 SP2. We
had problems with very slow printing from Citrix and Adobe Acrobat on our HP
5n's, 2100's, and 4550's. Marcel Cox suggested changing the load line of
the Novell Gateway to NDPSGW PORT=RAW HOSTADDRESS=aa.bb.cc.dd. We did that
and printing from Citrix and Adobe came out much quicker.

However, we're having a new problem that pops up on some queues where the
printer is on but stops printing and in the NDPS Manager it says "Gateway
Other Problem" for the status details. In the details for the message it
says "Gateway operation suspended until PA is shutdown and restarted." When
we shut down and restart the printer in the NDPS Manager it starts printing
the jobs stuck in the queue. What could be causing this? Should there be a