We have a W2K workstation that gets this error when installing an iprint
Error message: Winsock 10060 Connection has timed out
Error group: winsock
Error code: 10060

Microsoft support site only says it means "Connection timed out",,,
doesn't say how to fix the problem.

Novell has TIDs that refer to WInsock 10061 but not "10060".

This error is only on one W2K workstation, others are installing iprint
client and printers o-k, so I don't think the problem is the server,
however, I'm not sure. The problem W2K workstation is properly
configured with tcpip address, gateway, dns and can login the network and
navigate the internet just fine (only problem is with iprint). Have
uninstall and reinstall the iprint client several times, but still the

Please advise.