Oke here goes :)
We are having problems with a few printers. I seem to get the wrong
papersize when I install a couple of printers. I tried creating PDP with
iPrint, I used the configuration util from HP and tried PDRVGen. I
configured the drivers to set the paper to A4 (printing preferencen, default
settings & device settings) and added an extra tray.When I create a PDP and
install the driver with iPrint, all settings are good except in the tab
device settings the papersize is set to Letter. Also tried configuring a
driver with HP config util and PDRVGen and uploading it to the broker (no
PDP). After istalling the printer, the paper size in all tabs is set wrong
(Letter). The only thing that went good is the extra tray I added. I noticed
that the printers that have these issues (hplj1300, hplj2300, hplj4200) all
have a tab called Device Settings. Here I can configure paper size for the
trays an add extra trays/duplexunit/memory. Other HP printerdrivers don't
have this tab but have one called Configure. Here you can only configure
extra features like duplex unite/memory/trays.
Any idea's what could cause this?
We are running Windows 2000 English, reagional options are set to Dutch.

Ferid Bilgic