I am trying to resolve a problem that a majority of my clients have with
an older dos program. The problem is that with windows 98 and the Novell
Netware Client I can send a printjob to the printer through the UNC path.
Since the new nw capture program has gotten to big to run from my dos app,
the older capture has so far worked for us. Unfortunatly it does not work
well with nt/2000/xp machines. Our program can do both unc and capture
type printing but we end up having to add 2 printer options for each
printer, which all causes problems if someone on one type of machine
creates a batch and someone on another machine tries to access it.

My question is this. I have come across the "native windows access" CIFS
which allows you to connect to the novell server via "microsoft client"
but what I dont see there is printer queues. Is there a special type of
printer / queue that I would have to create for it to show up there? I'm
sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section.