Hi Everyone and Merry Christmas !

I am moving from NW6.0Sp4 server to a new 3 node cluster NW6.5 SP2.

I have a couple of hundred printers to move over iprint to iprint.

Most of the printers currently use the Novell (SNMP) gateway and LPR

I have some on HP Gateway but will convert them before I start.

Our NDPS Manager is loaded with /dnsname=iprint.

We also use PrinterPropertiesPro to manage our printer settings - it
effectively pushes the HKCU\.....\DevModeUser and DevModeUser2 registry
keys to the users.

The aim is to move the printers without re-installing on clients !

I am starting with a fresh broker and NDPSM, and am uploading the exact
same printer drivers used for the existing (but not past !) printers.

I have some questions on how the NSCU moves printers. Anyone used it
before ? I have version 3.0 but I believe 2.6 did PAs as well. SHame the
manual seems to skip printers...

I intend to move the printers, change DNS entry for iPrint to point to new
server and then load NDPM on the new cluster with /dnsname=iprint

Q1. Will it do what I want to achieve ?

Q2. Will the load strings retain their current settings or will the all
default back to PASSTHROUGH ?

Q3. Any thoughts / suggestions ?