i have Novell SmallBiz 6.5 sp2 (with all components installed).
i am trying to configure iPrint correctly.

When the Laptop (Win2k) is on the LAN, I am successfully able to add the
printer through iPrint.

But when the Laptop is connecting via the internet, i can not add the
printer through iPrint. i go to the www.companyname.com/ipp , i click on
the printer name, but The InternetExplorer browser just sits there, goes
into "NOT RESPONDING" for 30 seconds, and just reloads the page again.

Thats all. No error message to lookup or anything. i have duplicated the
problem on 2 other PCs... so im guessing its my configuration on the Server.

Has anyone ever seen this before? Any idea where i can look for more
details? At your mercy

> ^^ <