Ok, color me stupid, but I cannot quite figure out how one goes
about uploading a Mac PPD file to an NDPS Broker for use via iPrint?

Says in the docs for OES that you can use a browser (IE on
Win32) to
upload PPD's for Macs. Sorry, where would that option be?

I have iManager 2.5, with the iPrint 1.9 snapin on a NW6.5 SP3 box
running NDPS/iPrint.

I have been reading through the docs, and it seems to imply that on
the broker, I should get the extra option of a Mac or Linux driver to be
added. Like we have WinNT, XP, 2K, p5/98 etc. But I don't.

as on this page:

Then this page says use the Manage Broker, and add a driver...


I tried on a Mac with Safari (in case you needed to be on the local
platform). When I created a printer on the Mac I got the option to choose a
PPD, but of course, my broker does not have any PPD's yet, since I cannot
get them in there.

What did I miss? I am sure it is stupid and obvious, but I cannot
seem to see it.