My wife's company uses some Netware Server product .
She has a company laptop with novell client for windows installed.

We have a homenetwork with no Netware stuff. Where I work I'm the netadmin,
with no exposure to Novell.
I recently bought my wife a HP photosmart 2710 printer, with a built in

Her laptop refuses to recognize the printer on . Installing
using USB and then changing the local port to an ip port doesn't work
In fact it refuses to ping, or find anything on our home local network ( 4
pc's), although the arp cache reveals the MACs of the unavailable ip
How it manages to surf or download mail is beyond me. I prolly need to read
up on Novell stuff.

The laptop has these clients installed:
client for microsoft networks
novell client for windows
novell workstation manager
novell distributed print services
nwlink netbios
nwlink IPX/SPXNetbios etc etc

Any quick pointers or a URL to my specific problem would be greatly

For my personal edification : from what I've read so far, it appears you can
only define a networkprinter as "a device attached to a novell server" but
have the client act as its own printserver seems impossible. True of false ?

Kind regards

Ward Germonpre