Netware OES, secure iPrint, Windows XP SP2

I was interested to see how Windows XP handles printing to secure iPrint
printers without the iPrint client installed. This might be a useful
option for users that do not like installing any 3rd party clients on
their PC's.

I followed this route -

Goto Printers/Faxes section and select 'add a printer'

In the wizard select Network printer.
Then select the URL box titled 'Connect to a printer on the Internet...' and
type in the URL as follows -

https://[iprint server ipaddress]:443/ipps/[printer name]

This is the good bit -

You eventually get a windows box pop up titled 'Configure Internet Port'

In here you select - 'Select Specified user account' and type in your
eDir CONTEXTLESS id and password.

Your userid and password is stored in the registry encrypted in -

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Printers\Inetnet Print Provider\Ports]

so no need for reauthentication ever.

All my test prints worked like a dream.

I had a look at the packet trace and saw that all data is SSL encrypted.

This also works for print charging as the correct userid is passed to
the print charging software on the server (Pcounter in our case).

So in summary the only advantage of installing the iPrint client is the
web install of a printer, and grabbing preconfigured print drivers.

Windows does SSL and contextless logins natively.