Ive been running IPrint for a while at head office, and was very pleased
with it, up until recently.
We have added 2 large format plotters, and re-created 1 other printer.

Now, when the printers are installed on the W/S (Winxp sp2, client 4.91), if
you select print from ANY windows application, and select on of these latest
printers from the list of installed printers, there is a really long delay
(like a hang-ie. not responding) of about 10-20 seconds, until it takes that
printer selection.

This is causing a massive problem, the workaround is terrible for me, Im
having to install printers locally on the machines and printing to a TCP/IP
port, using the devices IP address. This works fine, selecting the printer
is instant as is the print job.

What is happening? What takes place in the background when the printer is

Thanks in advance