Windows XP Pro
Novell Client 32 4.9 sp2
iPrint client 4.05
NetWare 6.5 sp3

Befor iPrint I made all our suers in each dept print managser so when the q
gets boogered up anybody in the dept can clear the q. Now with iPrint I
can't do that any more. I want our users to be able to delete the jobs in
the q even if they did not create the job. Before sp3 you could use the ipp
web server do that now that's gone. The other is to use imanager but to have
a user login to iManager when they need to clear the jobs the used to in
windows, not good.
Then there is setting the printer security to high but then they have to
login the printer everytime the boot the computer.

Is there any way to have things as usual for our users, just to be able to
clear the jobs in the windows interface.