Netware OES

We are looking at migrating our managed machines (Windows XP SP2) to
iPrint/NDPS from traditional queue based printing.
The main problem seems to be event notification, which we currently have
working fine with our queue-based printing.
IPP and event notification do not go hand in hand (the documentation is

Our managed machines have an authenticated connection to our tree with
the Netware client. How do we get meaningful print notification back to
the client?
Is it best to lose IPP and stick with pure NDPS printers on the client
(with the NDPS bit installed on the Novell client) and try to get
notification working this way?

In the old world there is a Notification tab on the non-NDPS printer
object that works like a dream sending a Netware broadcast to the
authenticated user printing the job.

How is printing meant to progress from queue-based printing to IPP and
iPrint if there is no working ENS? Surely functionally this is a step back.