Within our office we print to our Xerox DC 12 colour copier/printer through
an EFI Splash RIP. Xerox provides a windows 2000 printer driver for the
Splash (G630) but its buggy. In particular, every time you try to access
this printer object's properties on a Windows 2000 system you get a message
that the driver has not been installed, and do you want to re-install it.

Anyways, if you go to Adobe's web site and download their Adobe Postscipt
Driver installation program (winsteng106.exe), you can use this to install a
printer object (using the same PPD supplied by Xerox) that works properly;
that is, no errors when you go to the property windows for the printer

My plan was to install this printer driver based on the Adobe Postscript
Printer driver into my iPrint broker so that I could install this working
driver on other computers. The steps I took were as follows:
1) installed printer object locally on my Windows 2000 system using
2) installed iPrint client
3) rebooted system
4) enter iManager 2.0x and go to Manage Broker
5) Select the appropriate broker, Resource Management Service, Windows 2000
6) Select "Add from System"

As I now scroll through the list of available printer drivers (and there are
hundreds - essentially every printer driver that came on the Windows 2000
CD) I note that there isn't one for the Splash printer object that I created
using the Adobe Postscript Printer Driver install program.

My question is, why doesn't iManager "see" this installed printer and allow
me to add it to my broker. Is this something that is fixed in iManager 2.5?
Or does the iPrint client, which is required to carry out a printer driver
upload to the broker, not recognize printers installed with the Adobe
Postscript Printer Driver installation program?

I look forward to your comments and suggestions