Please help!!!
At Novell I have found information that NW6 would support ipp printing for
Linux as well. Unfortunately didn't found how.

I have iPrint up and running smoothly and it is accessible via web from WIN
stations. Client installation and later printers adding also going smoothly
with WIN ws.

At NLD I could add ipp printers by Print manager itself but only network
directly attached printers (JetDirects). JetDirects normally use own ipp
printing ports. Those are not Netware ports. However, server connected
printers as well WS connected ones are not seen from NLD on any way. In
fact, CUPS can scan and find IP addresses of servers offering ipp at 631
but cannot read behind. Client error reported.

Obviously ipp client should be installed. Guess something have to be set at
web side of ipp how ipp web page able to recognize client OS and deliver
appropriate client.
Anybody will to help?

Thanks. Drazen