I have two OES linux SP1 cluster
on both of them, when i've tried to move iprint to an iprint cluster,
i've lost some funcstionnality
the cluster are connected to an IBM multipath san, with NSS volumes into.
I can see the data on the san, so looks ok
when going to http://server_ip/ipp or ippdocs/
i get an 403 error
You don't have permission to access /ippdocs/ on this server.

Also, going to iManager, the Manage Print Manager functions always tell
me that the manager is down, but /etc/init.d/novell-ipsmd status tells
me it is running, no errors into logs files
also, printer management says that the manager is offline

going to the broker, well, all my drivers are lost !?!?! i can see them
on the filesystem, but not into iManager

and other issues may appears soon !!!