Ever since upgrading to Open Enterprise Server (Netware Edition) we have
been unable to print to iPrint printers via the url address.
Unfortunately this is how 80% of our classroom computers are set up to
print. I can connect to anything to do with iPrint via the web, such as
http://<server url>:631/ipp/

I've read TID 10098720 which talks about the upgrade not copying on a new
ipp.conf file and writing it instead to ipp.$$$ but we don't seem to have
any .$$$ files (we do have a ipp.conf) - see below:

<IfModule !mod_ldap2.c>
LoadModule ldap2_module iprint/utilldp2.nlm
<IfModule !mod_auth_ldapdn.c>
LoadModule auth_ldapdn_module iprint/authlddn.nlm
<IfModule mod_auth_ldapdn.c>
AuthLDAPCharsetConfig conf/charset.conv

Is this what it should be? I also read TID 10098720 which I thought might
be relevant. It says the http.conf file for apache2 should include the


Which ours didn't. But adding this line, stopping and restarting Apache
doesn't seem to do the trick.

I'm sure someone else must have had this issue. We have 3 servers with
exactly the same problem.


MCNE (Netware 6)