For netware 6.5sp3
If I want to install both ndps and iprint printer.
ndps for local lan and iprint for internet user.
What is the procedure?

As I recall when I am using nw6, I use nwadmin to create a ndps printer
first and then check the checkbox for ipp printing.
But in nw6.5 iprint doc, it suggest to use imanager to create broker,
printman and iprint printer. Is the ndps printer automatic available?
When I create and iprinter from imanager. I can see the printer on ndps
when I browse the network for adding printer.

Which way is more appropriate?

more things.
iprint ask for user authentaion even after user login to the server with
nwclient 4.91 when choose print from application.
ndps printer don't have this problem. Anyway to solve it?