Hi all,

We have isntalled Iprint on a netware 6.5 cluster, Iprint volume on shared
storage. We are experiencing strange errors with our printers / printer
driver profiles. For example one printer with a PCL6 driver and a printer
driver profile works fine, another printer with the same driver and the
same printer driver profile gives an error 'Printer driver profile <xxxxx>
is assigned to this printer and could not be found, failed to download or
was corrupt (error code 65555)'

The Broker screen regularly gives error messages like 'The Resource
Mananger Service could not open the data file <xxxx>/NDPSDRVR.ZIP. Make
sure the file exists and is not corrupted

The logger screen give messages like 'The 106 operation to the NDPSM
failed', accompanied by an error code -914. According to the knowledgebase
this problem was solved a long time ago (we are using NDPS Gateway 3.01.09
from april 25 2005) Also, we get errors like

attribute error: illegal attribute modification
attribute: Printer Name

And last but not least the Iprint volume does not seem to shutdown cleanly
if we migrate, since the server always needs to do a replay of the
transaction log.

But otherwise, things work just fine ;)

Any suggestions would be appreciated!