> We are currently rolling out Citrix and are using iprint. Our user
have multiple printers installed and I am finding when certain printers
are set as default the jobs come out on other printers. For example,
one user has a LJ4200 and a LJ8150. If the 4200 is set as the default
the print jobs go to the correct printer. However if we set the LJ8150
as the default the print jobs come out on the 4200. When I look in the
properties of the 8150 the printer and driver reflect the 4200. This is
only happening in the Citrix environment.
> The NetWare servers are 6.5sp2, ZenWorks 4.01 ir4a, iPrint client

v3.11. Citrix server are Windows 2000sp4 MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.


I have got the same problem! If I change the default printer, the jobs
come out on the "old" default printer and the properties of the "new"
are actually the properties of the "old" one.

My configuration : NW 6SP5, Zenworks 4.01, iPrint 4.05 (testen today
4.11), Citrix MF 3, Windows 2000 Sp4.

Can anybody help me, please .......