I've read through the docs and the newsgroups and believe I have set
this up correctly, but I cannot get iPrint to function correctly on
Windows 2003 Server Terminal Services.

I'm running iPrint off of a Linux OES SP1 server. I have printers (all
Dell 1700n) installed there with 2000 and XP drivers loaded.

The iPrint client is loaded on the TS and the settings are set to
"Install user printers only".

I can install the printer through http://server/ipp and everything looks
good to that point. However, when I actually try to print (for example,
from notepad.exe), the following things happen:

1) It takes approximately 15 seconds for a Print dialog box to appear

2) On choosing my printer (Some_Printer on ipp://server) and clicking OK
to start the print job, after another ~10 second pause the "Now
Printing" modal dialog pops up.

3) This last dialog stays up indefinitely. I eventually have to kill the
notepad.exe process through Task Manager.

I am currently trying this with an account with Administrative
privileges, so it shouldn't be a permissions issue anywhere.

If someone has advice as to where to look for hints about the problem
(logs, etc.) it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Chris Hobbs Silver Valley Unified School District
Head geek: Technology Services Coordinator
webmaster: http://www.silvervalley.k12.ca.us/~chobbs/
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