Hi Everyone,

I just want to give a fair warrning, and I don't want to get slamed by me
posting this. Myself I love Novell's iPrint solution but in our envoriment
it doesn't work very well. We are wanting to go with something a bit better.

Our envorement has just over 100 sites that are connected with 56k - 256k
lines, each site has a NetWare 6.0 server, most sites only have 1-5 printers
about 10% of the sites have up to 20 printers. So a central printer server
doesn't work - and setting up iPrint at ever server would be a nightmare.

Our other big thing is that if the server at the site was to go down, we
would still want our users to print. So we are looking at some kind of IP
based printing.

Some more info, our workstations are a 50/50 split Win2000 and XP Pro, with
all the new ones coming is as XP Pro.

anyone have any ideas on what we might be able to do?