So we are evaluating HP's new color 4700. Can't even download drivers from
their website yet. So if you install the drivers directly from the CD to an
XP computer, works great, all functions are happy. But if you take those
same drivers (or drivers created using pdrvgen.exe) and install them thru
iPrint, some things are just ... missing. The most glaring example is
Start --> Settings --> Printers and faxes --> Properties --> Advanced -->
Printing Defaults ... and the Effects tab is not available. Furthermore, on
the Finishing tab a bunch of the Duplex options are missing. When you print
using the Duplex settings that are there, the back page is upside down with
no way to fix it.

We really, really like this new color printer (big, but all the features are
there). But this is a deal breaker! We've got some feelers out to HP, but
I wanted to check in here, too. Mainly because I have never been able to
understand why iPrint insists on breaking most every driver. What does
iPrint do when it "iprint-iffy's" drivers?!? So frustrating...


Matt Walkowiak