I'm coming from NW4.1 with a clean install of NW6.5, sp3 (from OES). I
appear to have configured iprint correctly with a broker, print manager,
and one test printer.

The problem is that my print jobs never make it to the printer, although
they are in the "Jobs" list of the printer.

The printer is a stand-alone printer with a Kyocera IB-100 external print
server attached (via usb cable to the printer). With NW4.1, this works
perfectly with the IB-100 configured as a Remote Printer.

Why don't the jobs make it to the printer?

Also, many folks in the group mention using NWAdmin to configure NDPS
objects, but the NWAdmin that I installed (Version 5.1.9f) does not have
any NDPS option listed in the Tools menu.

How do I fix this?

The third issue I'm having is that the local port that iPrint uses when
the printer is installed automatically logon is \\NDPS01. How do I
caputure this printer to lpt2:, especially with the login script? I know
how to do this in NW4.1, but there, it uses Queues and, as I understand
this, iPrint/NDPS does not use print queues.

Thanks for your help.