Running NW6.5 sp3, Zen 6.5 sp1, Cluster, iPrint-volume is clustered, Minolta
Di470, HP 4100, HP4200 o.a.

We are having some problems which force us to restart the printeragent, or
restart the hole NDPSM/BROKER
There are 2 problems:
1. When the printer stops printing and is "Idle", even if there is several
jobs in queue. It happens very often with our Minolta Di 470 and it has been
seen on our HP printers. Solution "Shut down" Printeragent and start it.
This is done in "Printer Agent list" on server.

2. iPrint reports "Print failed". Thats all, no info on what went wrong.
Solution is to shut down NDPSM and Broker and start them again.

The Cluster is not involved in these problems since the hasn't been any

We would very much like a possible solution and a possible eksplanation.

Thanks in advance,