I don't know if I should post this in the ZfD6.5 forum. So please excuse
me if i'm wrong.

I try to distribute IPP client 4.06 to my workstations. I've create an app
object and simply execute "nipp-s.exe". I've made it run only once, and
associate this to my users.

When a user logs in, IPP actually seems to install..User can see the
progress bar and then nothing happens! Nothing in the task bar, nothing in
the start menu. Even after a reboot.

When trying to install the same "nipp-s.exe" file manually, everything is
ok. The proress bar shows, and the installation last a little more longer.
After that, everything's good : task bar, start menu..

Does it rings a bell to anybody?

- Win XP SP1
- Client 4.90 SP2 + post SP2 fix
- Netware 6.5 SP3