We've got a problem on workstations using the iPrint client where ALL
printers (even non-iPrint printers) will completely disappear from the
workstation. You go into the Start/Settings/Printers and all you see is
the Add New Printer icon. Most of the time rebooting the PC brings them
back and it works for a while, but it keeps recurring.

In a few severe situations we've had to uninstall the iPrint client which
brings back the non-iPrint printers (like a local printer, or a printer
set up with direct IP printing) but as soon as we reinstall the iPrint
client the problem comes back.

I found a TID once (though I can't seem to find it again) talking about
this as a bug in an older version of the iPrint client but we just
upgraded to NW 6.5 SP4 which comes with the iPrint client 4.11 and the
PC's that have installed this updated client seem to still be having the

Any ideas?

Thank you.