So today I was directed to a Novell article that just might explain how and
why I tend to have so many problems or issues when using a driver thru
iPrint vs just installing it locally. My question is, since I need to have
software installed on my workstations to get iPrint to work, could Novell
have taken the high road and had the iPrint client re-format the print job
to handle the missing information? More than likely, I do not know what the
hell I am talking about, but...

Anyway, here's the article:

And another link to a Microsoft article:

Please let me know your feelings on this - are we just screwed if we stay
with iPrint? Should we just keep using our HP 4 printers and never expect
any of the nice, new features of other printers to work? Why does printing
need to be so **** complicated?

Matt Walkowiak