I'm affected by the Win2003 & iPrint slowness issue.

I've tried everything, and I'm down to two options:

a. Use Win2003 SP1, iPrint is slow, but winlogon.exe crashes go away.

b. Use Win2003 without SP1, iPrint is fast, but winlogon.exe crashes all
the time.

Both issues are known. The winlogon.exe issue is fixed by the installation
of SP1, as recommended by Novell. The solution to the slow iPrint issue is
to uninstall SP1. Either way, I just can't win.

We're running a terminal server in a school environment. I need iPrint to
dynamically install printers via command line. I don't want to install 20
printers as workstation printers for users to choose from. I also need SP1
to resolve the winlogon.exe crashes.

Microsoft fixed this problem on Win XP, but those of us using a terminal
server are shafted. Has anyone heard of a fix for this problem in Win 2003?
Any other suggestions?