I have been slowing moving our printers from a NDPS-based printing system
over to iPrint. Most of it has come off without a hitch. However, I have
been trying to configure several of our color laser printers such that there
are only a select few individuals who can print to them. I added a group to
the access control list of users with the ability to use this printer and
set the security level of this printer to "High". iManager accepts my
changes without complaint.

The problem appears when I attempt to manage the printer via iManager after
the fact. Attempting to view the details of the secure printer via iManager
yields the following error:

Service Error: Unclassified server error
Service Other Error: FFFFFFFF
Service Other Error2: 0
Object Identification: (NDPS manager object info)

Obviously, this error gives me a lot to work with :)

If I change the security level of the printer back to medium via NWAdmin, I
can once again manage the printer via iManager.

FWIW, I am set up as a manager, an operator and a user of this printer.
Server is running NW6.5sp4a and is the first 6.5 server in the tree.