Here's the situation. I have two Citrix servers running iPrint. These
Citrix servers are on two different campuses. On the east campus with
the east campus Citrix server, we can install any east campus printer
on it using iPrint. However, when we try to install east campus
printers onto the west campus Citrix server, we get this error box:

"Error message: Cannot complete this function.

Error group: Windows
Error code: 1003"

The strange thing is that a few of the east campus printers WILL
install on the west campus Citrix server, but there's no pattern as to
which ones will install. Printers of the same model using the same
driver will often have one printer that will install, another that

I'm going to go over to the other campus to test to see if this is only
on the Citrix box or if it happens when try to install any east campus
printers on the west campus. But does anyone have any ideas?