Hi all,

1. Install OES SP1 Netware 6.5 SP4
2. created broker
3. created ndpsm
4. uploaded drivers (proprietory HP drivers) for XP and 2K via iManager to
5. access TConsole and configure for XP and 2K.
6. UNABLE to LOCATE XP/2K uploaded drivers. See default HP Laser drivers
instead and other vendors'.

7. Able to see 9X uploaded drivers but not XP/2K. Verified using another
2K/XP client workstation and see same failure.

Additional Info:
This is indeed observed at my end only when doing printtool for
YES! testing.
Unable to perform printtool testing for 2K/Xp unless there is an advise,

I am trying my best to get TConsole to work as per intended so that YES!
testing can be done for OES NW6.5 and SLES9. So far faced issues with the

Previously not faced before when using non-OES NW6.5.

James Tan