My user policy for students restricts access to the Printers Folder and
the Control Panel. By right clicking, the iPrint icon on the system tray
gives the users the ability to get in the Printers Folder. Now, I have no
problem if the students are able to backdoor in the Printers Folder by
using the iPrint icon the system tray, because I have further restricted
them from deleting or adding printers. But by opening the Printers
Folder, the users are able to backdoor into the Control Panel by moving
up one folder.

The users are power users and are restricted from making modifications in
the Control Panel, but is there a way from keeping them from being able
from backdooring in the Control Panel at all.

This may not be right forum, but I needed to start somewhere.

NW65sp3, eDir8735, Win2Ksp4, Clnt4.91, iPrint4.06

Thanks in advance,