I'm having a strange issue, and after looking around in this forum for a
little, it seems my issue is a little different. We have approx 30+
NW65SP4a, that were all recently updated from either NW6.5SP2 or SP3, in
or headquarters we have two iPrint servers (dont' ask why two, it's a long
story) that are identically configured with the exception of the domain
suffix, both were upgraded from NW6.5SP2 about a week ago. Since updating
to SP4a, I can not seem to upload drivers to the broker, but I can upload
drivers to other NW6.5SP4a servers in our tree that were recently updated.

The problem that I'm seening is that when I run iManage from one of our
remote servers (ServerQ) and attempt to upload drivers to BrokerB running
on ServerB, while running iManage from ServerQ it looks as though the
drivers actually make it to the broker, I just don't see the Yellow
exclamation point telling me to hit apply or OK to save my changes, but if
I do it anyway, the drivers are not there. I've checked the drvers folder,
not there, drivers do zip up in to a folder on c:\ndps\drvr_tmp, and then
disappear as if they've made it up sucessfully. I've updated to iPrint
client 4.12Beta, but this hasn't helped. I know it's not the driver,
because it uploads to other Brokers/Server, I don't think it's the UserID,
because the same ID does work to other servers. Apache is running on the
two servers, NLDAP is running on both servers, these two server do not
have replica's on them, but they never did have, since their creation. Any
ideas where to start?