Is uninstalling iPrint/NDPS as simple as selecting NDPS from the Currently
Installed Products list in NWCONFIG and choosing to "Remove an installed
product"? Will this cause any problems if we are not using iPrint? Should I
remove the Broker, NDPS Manager, etc first?

After adding iPrint to an existing server, I never got it to work correctly.
Most print jobs printed incorrectly. After rebooting the server for another
reason, I can no longer access iManager, NSearch, etc. I assume there is a
port conflict, although it doesn't appear as though anything is using port
443. I have changed port settings in adminserv.conf, but that didn't help.
My users are clamoring for their search page and they don't even know about
iPrint, so i think it would be best to just remove it and stick with our
queue-based setup.