I have several offices where we use iPrint v.4.11 on XPsp2 running
against NW6.5 sp4 servers. With the exception of one office everything
works fine. However, at that one office I have users complaining of print
jobs that just fail to print without any errors being reported. What
puzzles me is this problem isn't office wide but only with two of four
identical Xerox Phaser 4500's. Where seeemingly sporadically and
inconsistently they will work then stop. There are three HP printers
that also do not have this problem. In addition, these people only have a
problem when printing from Word, Excel, GroupWise or the web. A test
print page always works. Three of the four Xerox and two of the HP
printers are all on the same switch, which is also connected to the
server. The server and workstation logs do not report any problems yet
the print job fails to print and does not show at any time in the queue.

I suspected a Windows problem with the iPrint client but why don't I have
it happen elsewhere in that office or in my other offices? To compound my
confusion one person, whose default printer exhibits this problem, could
then print to the other Xerox that had the same problem for another co-
worker and vice versa. This has made for a very perplexed IT guy in
Boston with an aggravated staff.