I am working with a non-profit in a Novell Open Enterprise 6.5 small
business server environment. They have a small HP laserjet (a 1020, I
think) with only a USB conncetion. Presently it is connected to a Compaq
Deskpro workstation running WindowsXP. WE have no funds for a jet direct
(with USB connectivity).

We have the USB ports on the small server disabled, as is best practice. My
question is whether I might be able to build another workstation with XP,
keep it very vanilla, connect it to the network via Cat5 and then connect
the printer to it via USB. In that way, the old pc would act as the print
server. Is that a possiblity?

Can anyone help in drawing a picture for me the basic steps in how to do
this, if possible?

Thanks, in advance