Firstly, I apologise if this should be in the "Client" section, however, it
seems NDPS related to me.

Loaded the lastest client for XP - which works fine. Also selected to load
NDPS support with the client.


1. When you look at the "Properties" box for the network, NDPS services is
loaded but is "greyed out". I've tried disabling the firewall etc but it
doesn't seem to make any difference.

2. On the server (Netware 6.0 SP5, running pure TCP/IP) I have no problem
driving a server-connected printer using NDPSM and an agent, but the agent
for the printer on the XP workstation never connects to the printer.

What am I doing wrong with the client on the workstation? There appears to
be no "options" or "properties" for the NDPS function on the workstation -
with the old NPrinter routines there was at least some functionality
concerning which physical printer / print queue etc..