We have one iPrint server that I am having trouble uploading drivers
to. When I attempt to upload a driver via iManager I get the
following error:

The SSL connection has been closed.

I turned on the debug screen and this is all I get on the debug

ServiceOpRequest Start 11-08-05 11:04:45 am
Apache_Worker 2
Printer: IppSrvr
ServiceOpRequest End, Time used: 0:00:00.0000
Apache_Worker 2

Installing printers from http://ipaddress/ipp works fine.

I've tried looking for any more descriptive error's but have not been
able to find any. We have 3 other servers with iPrint and no problems
on them. I've tried using iManager on different servers to upload
drivers to this server but get the same error so I din't think it is a
problem wtih iManager. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Server specs:

NW65 SP4a
MOD_IPP.NLM 1.00.02
BROKER.NLM 3.00.11