I've noticed this problem lately. Actually, ever since we converted our
printer agents from HP Gateways to the Novell SNMP Gateways.

What happens is we have three different models of printers, in three
different buildings (across town). Hp LJ1200, LJ2200DTN, and LJ1320. They
are either networked with external 1-port JetDirect boxes (300x) or an
internal card (the 2200DTN).

These three models of printers have problems with "lock-ups." What happens
is that overnight, when nobody is printing at all, the printer locks-up.
All three lights on the printer are illuminated. The printer does nothing
until it is powered off/on. After a power off/on, it works fine. We do NOT
have to reset the JetDirect boxes.

We first thought it was power or bad printers, but if we just connect these
printers to workstations, they work great, and NEVER have the problems
listed above. They only lock-up overnight, when connected to the network.

All the printers worked perfect, until we migrated from the HP Gateway to
the Novell SNMP gateway. Some other users on the HP forums have noticed the
same problems, but there's no specifics or a resolution. Anyone else having
this problem? Any suggestions?