We had installed iprint and enabled it on NW6.5 SP2 and it worked fine
(although we never rolled it out to users by making the web page available).
After going to NW65SP3 I reinstalled iPrint and again left it in a working
state, although users were still accessing printers in the old NDPS way.
However after sitting there for a week doing nothing APACHE2.NLM abended
with "CPU Hog Detected by Timer" (see complete abend.log below).

I can see this is a known issue and there are patches. I'm not ready to go
to NW65 SP4 yet, are there effective patch fixes for this issue without
applying SP4? The relevant one seems to be iPrint NW Post Consolidated
Support Pack 12b. Are the SP4 fixes an advance on this or will it do the


Steve Law