I have a customer that has just had Netware Small Business suite 6.6 installed in their environment. All of the printers were set up to use NDPS when the upgrade occured. They have one Xerox M55 multifunction printer in their environment and I have having a heck of a time keeping it going. The server has had SP4a installed on it with the updated NSS and TCP patches. The printer will work for a couple of days, then just stop. No error messages no warnings no nothing. NRM shows that everything is fine from the server perspective. Print jobs just sit in the queue and nothing gets printed. The NDPS Manager indicates that the printer is printing. Occasionally if the print jobs are cleared and NDPSM is unloaded and reloaded the printer will restart printing again, but most of the time unloading NDPSM abends the server and it reboots. After rebooting, the printer will start printing properly again as long as there are no print jobs in the queues before NDPSM is loaded. The printer is set up to use the Novell Gateway. Any suggestions or guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance