I believe that I have a corrupted printer agent and I can't figure out how
to get rid of it. Every time my Manager loads it stops with an error at the
same spot. I get an Error (-816) occurred while initializing Printer Agent
"unknown" (NDPS Manager Internal Printer Agent ID 41994D6A. I can press
escape and everything continues normally.

At the bottom of my list of printer agents, I have one listed as unknown. I
can't delete it. I get an Error (-816) occurred while deleting Printer
Agent "unknown".

I was thinking of using the Server Migration Wizard to migrate the printers
to another manager for the time being to sort this out. I figured if I
moved all of the good printers and let the junk behind, I might be able to
just delete it and start over again. When I click on the Manager in the
wizard, I get following message

NDPS Error: An error has occurred in one of the services provided by the
NDPS Error: An error occurred attempting to list the Printer Agents for
print manager "Manager"
Error: 0x150001

Error caused by a NetWare API error
An unknow error has occurred.
(Errod code: 0x150001 Function Name: NWDPPsmListMODObjects)

Any suggestions?