I have some confusing errors. NW6 SP5. NDPS was originally installed with NW51, but never actually used. Original objects were deleted years ago. Never removed the service and continued to update with the subsequent upgrades, just never used it or started it.

I created a broker successfully in NWadmin. However, when I loaded on the server I got an error:

"Broker could not update host device -601"

But then the broker went ahead and loaded anyway. I unloaded and reloaded the broker several times with the same result. Since it loaded anyway I continued to try and create the Manager. During the creation of the manager I received an error, "Unknown object type -601". But then it went ahead and created it anyway.

I unload the broker and ran dsrepair - unattended full repair. Now the broker still loads with an error, but the manager can be created, just not edited. Everything I put in, including the description just disappears, or I just cannot enter any information.

Any Ideas?



Ed Connelly
Briarwood College