I have run the conversion tool per the tid Printer Agent Conversion Utility
v2.1.0.1 - TID2971536 and all seemed to go ok.

I only have 8 printers all setup some time ago and of course have been
working in true Novell fashion...it just worked....

This is a single server NW6.5 sp3cpr NDPS environment. For the most part
clients are 4.9 or higher on XP or W2k.
HP Printers 2 8550's 3 4600's 2 Lexmark all with static IP's assigned.

I wonder, after running the convert tool (From HP Gateway), I restarted the
Broker and the Manager (Load BROKER Load NDPSM)
I wonder what (if anything) needs to be cleaned up regarding the ncf files
for the next server reboot. Will the HP gateway try to run?
I haven't found anything regarding what to do after the tool has run. If

Regarding the tool...the Target Gateway what's the difference between SNMP
and the Port Handler Gateways?

I started all of this because I need to add a new printer to our network
(an HP 4700) without the HP gateway, how do I 'install' the new printer?
There doesn't seem to be a HP Gateway tool to monitor at the server console.