Netware 6.5 sp3, problem seen on several locations with several printers.

iPrint loose connection to some of our printers needing us to "shutdown
printer" and "restart printer" in console ( there might be other places to
do this, but in console it is quite fast.)

Is seems to be the newest printers which is hit by this. HP 5550, Minolta
DI4700, OCE 9400,...
On some of them is is nessesary to restart printer (NIC!) before the print
can continue.
We didn't have the problem when running NDPS (not is this scale at least).

Where is the problem and is there a way to solve it without disabling
standbymode? (Energy saving means a lot to us.)

There is a problem printing some PDF files. It is specialy related to our
Minolta-printers. Does anyone have a sugestion fore a solution here.