Hi all.

We have an two node clustered NW 6.5SP3 environment where NDPS printing
system is installed in one of the virtual servers (broker, manager).
There is no apache running in that server, but we have apache in nodes
and as webserver in different virtual server. (looks like iPrint is in
nodes, at least it is listed in nwconfig and iPrint stuff is under
apache2 -directory, but not loaded from httpd.conf).

I would like to move from NDPS to iPrint. Unfortunately I can't seem to
find any documentation how to do that from novell site. Is it just as
simple as entering product CD and choosing iPrint or will there be some
complications in clustered environment? Or should I install
apache/tomcat manually in there with required changes in httpd.conf?
Looks like apache/tomcat is only component missing from working iPrint

Or can I modify some other already running apache to handle ipp ldap
authentication even that it is running in different server as broker and

(I wish for decent test environment for clusters...).

Any idea how pcounter reacts to NDPS->iPrint change?

Timo Pietilä