I have recently moved from them HP gateway to the Novell gateway. I am
trying to update/install new drivers for the NDPS install to use. I am
in iManager, under the iPrint, Manage Broker area. On the Resource
Management Service tab for XP I can choose to "Add from file" and browse
to the .inf file and when I select it the iPrint client opens and let me
pick the driver and click OK and nothing seems to happen, good or bad.
No errors show up but the drivers don't seem to install either.

The IPP client is the latest I could find (4.12.00)and I closed and
opened the webbrowser, still with no luck.

Am I missing something, things are managed via iManager correct?

Netware 6.5 sp3 CPR release
4.91 client on XP sp2 machine