SuSE Linux 9.3
Netware 6.5 SP4
Printer Agent with Medium security and SSL turned on.

There is a lack of functionality with this client as follows -

If a user has say two userids, userid A is part of the printer agent
user role, but userid B is not.
So the user authenticates with the iPrint client with userid B (no
rights to print).
The iPrint client accepts the credentials without complaining.
The user tries to print.
Nothing happens, understandably as userid B does not have the rights to
print to the printer agent. The job just sits on the local SuSE Linux
job list.
The user tries to print again, and another job just sits on the local
job list.
I would, as in the Windows client, expect the iPrint client
authentication box to pop up to demand a new userid with that is part of
the printer agent user role, but this does not happen.
The only easy way to reauthenticate is to log out and in to Linux again.