I have a windows 2003 terminal server (SP1, with the printing hotfix
applied). iPrint client 4.12. Printing is NOT using SSL. Printers are
installed using iprintcmd, and installed with a SHORTNAME that is 3 chars

I'm having some inconsistencies with printing. Some users are claiming they
are printing, but the audit log for that printer agent shows NOTHING during
the time they said they printed.

The main one we are getting complaints for is a HP LJ 1200 with a JetDirect
300x box. NOSNMP and NOQUERY have been added to the load string, as this
printer was locking-up prior to adding those commands.

The users are screaming for a "new" printer, but what good will that help if
the print job never leaves the server. Has anyone seen this problem? Any
suggestions to try?