I'm using iManager 2.0.2, running on Netware 6.5SP3, plus post SP3
patches. I manager is at the following level:

Version 2.0.2 (20050302_0502)
Copyright (c) 1999-2003 Novell, Inc.
All rights reserved.

Maintenance Updates:

I came across one issue, that appears to be a bug in the process used to
migrate printer agents from one manager to another. In essense, it
appears that when the PA is moved to the new NDPSM, it keeps some of the
trustee rights to the old broker in place, and doesn't assign rights to
the new broker. What then happens is that when you try to assign
printer drivers to the PA, nothing shows up in the list (I noticed this
especially with the XP drivers, but did not check every tab to see if
this was consistent).

I found this by comparing the PA object using an LDAP browser, and
noticed differences in the ACLs. Using a test object, I modified the
ACLs on the migrated PA, restarted the broker and the PA, then I could
see the list of XP drivers, and assign them.

I can provide example LDIF files from before migration and after
migration to show what isn't changing. I'm not sure if this is an
iManager bug or an iPrint bug, but since it was mostly related to
iPrint, I thought I'd start here. Has anyone else seen this problem,
and is so, is there a known fix? I was going to write a tool to fix my
printer object, but I don't have time for that right now. This really
should be fixed by Novell.

If you are going to tell me to upgrade to iManager 2.5, please don't. I
have a semi-crabby thread started in the iManager forum about my woes
trying to upgrade iManager, and no one will respond to me. This needs
to work in 2.0.2, because that is the only working version I have right now.

Thank you.